Saturday, 10 September 2011

Dues Ex Human Revolution Review

To start, Dues Ex Human Revolution is set in 2027 Detroit and it is a prequel to the original Dues Ex game which was released in 2000. People are becoming augmented which essentially means that their enhancing themselves with new technology hence the title "Human Revolution".

There are tensions between the Purists (who are against augs) and the large corporations (who are pro-Aug Sarif, Tai young etc). Both of them will have to face each other eventually and you're the only who can desire both their fates.
You are Adam Jensen, an ex swat member who has been heavily augmented due to a tragic accident at the start of the game.
He is an interesting character overall and has a deep back story which I enjoyed, the voice actor (Elias Toufexis) fits his character perfectly. The story is entertaining throughout and it keeps you interested through the very end of it, since you have many different choices along the way.

The game play aspect is what sets Dues Ex apart from other First person shooters, rather than putting you in a battle field with tons of set pieces, this game places you in a "Hub" which you travel freely around to do different tasks. I found this to be very refreshing compared to most FPS's and it's similar to RPGs in some aspects. Instead of levelling up you gain "Praxis points" which you can spend on augmentations. These can be put into into hacking, stealth, endurance, gun play or even some cool abilities like the Typhoon which kills all the enemies around you in a short radius.

With these augments you can approach every situation differently rather then just running and gunning you can even play the game without killing a single person. These elements make the game a blast to play as you can mix and match augments when levelling up. Though the gun play feels quite basic it's solid non the less, it adds variety since you can use the different take downs and lethal/deadly weapons available to you.

Graphics wise the game isn't really doing anything outstanding but it's not about how many polygons you can fit into a potato it's the aesthetics. The game has a style a kin to Blade Runner which looks incredible on a modern PC with the new Direct X 11 settings. From Detroit to Hensha the game is packed with attention to detail though the human models look stiff but the persuasion scene animation is excellent. The game also has an amazing sound track Michael McCann does an fantastic job in creating atmosphere and themes to the environments depending on your situation and location.

Overall this is an exceptional game which is well worth your time and money, since it also has some incredible replay value and it took me over 30+ hours on my first play-through. Though it has some glitches here and there the game play/story/setting makes you forget about them completely.


I hope you've enjoyed my reviews, here's a trailer for the game which made me pre-order it rather then waiting for the reviews as per usual.


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