Monday, 20 December 2010

All of my hate

These fucking bitches. RRRRRRAAAAAGGGGGGE. Infomation here; Surveillance video shows that, just 34 seconds after the girls got on, one of them grabbed the MP3 player Jessica and her boyfriend, Jason Decoste, were listening to. When they resisted, they were beaten and kicked by the five suspects, police say. Investigators say the 19-year-old, Ayana Sharee Cain, was charged with assault and has since bailed out of jail. The other four girls were charged in juvenile court with second degree robbery. Three remain in custody while the fourth is on electronic home monitoring, police say. 

Stupid apes

Fucking brilliant

So I spend ages doing some physics testing on the CryEditior, doing some AI scripting and some texture testing. Plus the Map was god damn epic with fucking VTOL s fighting about 200 standardised AI and this shit happends again! I've tried everything to make this fucking map word, re installing, updating drivers and reloading the scripts again but it just doesn't work for shit. Fuck Cry engine 2 I hope the 3rd one is god damn better.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Same shit again

After tons of trial and error with the task I thought I might actually get the grade. But of-course he doesn't fucking give me the mark. I spent fucking over 78 hours on this god damn task, and I reworded the thing over 4 times, and it's still fucking wrong. I got some help of course and  I put the same fucking thing as they  did,  I used the same examples and same fucking structure, and I still got it wrong! Now I have waste my time fucking rewording it again...

Saturday, 18 December 2010


I have to hand in this god damn shooting game by Monday, and out of good will I'd thought I might work on it, to polish and improve it. But then... this shit happens!!!!! What the fuck do I do? Do I just go in on Monday with the Game being a buggy, pass grade level, no sound piece of shit? Or do I just say fuck it and just thrive on the GLORIOUS pass grade... There goes my god damn University course.

What the hell

I know that I'm probably talking to myself here but seriously, I need a more organised report. You appear to have used a diagram that is not related to Opello and it doesn't show what information flows from one part of the company to the other. When talking about the use of information, you have only covered customer information and nothing else. Similarly, the MIS system section does not talk about the five main elements. You seem to be having trouble understanding the assignment task, so I will sit down with you and go through it.

I tried and tried again to get this correct but I still have got the Assignment wrong..


Welcome I guess, I'll try to work on the Blog when I get the damn time.

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