Monday, 20 December 2010

All of my hate

These fucking bitches. RRRRRRAAAAAGGGGGGE. Infomation here; Surveillance video shows that, just 34 seconds after the girls got on, one of them grabbed the MP3 player Jessica and her boyfriend, Jason Decoste, were listening to. When they resisted, they were beaten and kicked by the five suspects, police say. Investigators say the 19-year-old, Ayana Sharee Cain, was charged with assault and has since bailed out of jail. The other four girls were charged in juvenile court with second degree robbery. Three remain in custody while the fourth is on electronic home monitoring, police say. 

Stupid apes


DundyLion said...

thats bad , i hope they rot on jail

Peacock said...

do we have an unspoken agreement? i got ya.

that video is gnarly btw... sheesh!

The Game Store Guy said...

That's just ridiculous. How did that even happy? Just..."That looks nice. Mine now."

CandleintheDark said...

Yeah, I heard about them. Luckily they all went to jail. It's sad and pathetic when people act like that in order to get what they need.

Anonymous said...

Freaking animals, man. Pissed off at the stupidity of people, but following :)

Steve said...

Fucking animals

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