Sunday, 28 August 2011

Real Time Strategy Games


RTS games are unlike any game instead of controlling one character you control a whole army, because the scale of the game play the camera is placed at the to top to see all of the action more clearly. The main formula for these types of games for example "StarCraft" which is one of the most popular RTS games makes you perform these certain tasks in layers. 
Firstly gather minerals then build more buildings to make a bigger army. This is the basic consensus of RTS's, but they have many different elements which makes it exciting to watch. Players can use their  own skill and knowledge of the game to their advantage like harassment and build orders. The other player needs to counter everything that their opponent is doing which makes it enjoyable to watch which is why StarCraft is considered an e-Sport.                     

Single player mainly plays an important part in RTS's since it makes the Universe interesting and it develops insight into the different races and what their motivations are. 

My personal favourite RTS is an old game called Command And Conquer Red Alert 2. This was a incredibly fun game with 3 different campaigns, varied units, fully featured skirmish mode and innovative cut scenes with real actors talking to the player like in the first game. Action RTS's like Dawn Of War 2 or Company of hero's I'll talk about later since they look like a whole entire breed of RTS. Future more I know that there are much more excellent RTS's out there and I'll get round to them when I can. 

Here's a guide on the basics of an RTS, commentated by "Husky" excuse the annoying voice.                                                                                        

Saturday, 20 August 2011

First Person Shooters

First person shooter games is a very popular genre in the video game market such as the Call of Duty series selling over 3.04 million units in its first week and expected to sell even more in its next instalment. Action Games usually involve that the player will kill other people or aliens. Such as in the Halo series which is also hugely successful. In my opinion Arma 2 is one of my favourite FPSs because of it's realism and mechanics and it also has some awesome mods and commands.  

There is usually a sequence of levels that the player needs to overcome such as level 1 level 2 and so on.  These take place in most modern day first person shooters which is personally dislike because I prefer the fast paced and balance of arena shooters which requires a level of skill and insight to be good at but it does increase the longevity of the game by acquiring a new gun if you kill x amount of people. Old games like Doom,  Quake or Unreal has changed the FPS market and it still affects modern games today. Mods is also a vital section in the FPS genre with mods like Counter Strike or Day of Defeat Source being a game changer in the FPS genre.

What is the future of the FPS genre? Games like Team Fortress 2 has introduced a cash shop which people can buy cosmetic "Hats" or weapons for REAL money. This has caused Valve the creators to make the game free to play. Other companies might copy this idea and apply this to their games since Valve has had more players then ever because of this. But in the console market the FPS genre is looking kind of repetitive, with COD games being released yearly and games like HomeFront, Battlefield, Killzone and more. FPSs need a change for the better rather then copying an already done mechanic. Developers need to innovate and introduce new mechanics to get any of my money. The new Dues Ex game looks like a breath of fresh air compared to the games today. 

In the next post I'll talk about the RTS genre.   

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Role Playing Games

Hello, I'm back after a while of inactivity, this is a section from my College work that I'll put on my blog. I'll add more when I get back. 

Different Genres in video games

Video games have become very popular over the years that games have been out. During that time different genres have appeared in the video games market. These range from sport to combat; here I will tell you all of the genres that are in video games today. But there are different types of games for different people such as, hardcore games. These usually are difficult and long experiences usually for people who wish to play for a long amount of time. However casual gamers are the opposite of hardcore. Casual gamers play games for a short amount of time are a sometimes quite less difficult to play and easy to pick up. But these terms can be defined differently to some other people. If a player plays are hard game like "Demon Souls" for 2 hours and then a another player plays Farmville for 10 hours who's more hardcore? It debatable to how you define these terms. 

RPG (Role Playing Games)
A Popular MMORPG
These involve many people
playing at once. 
RPG’s have to player level up and gain new items. This is the basic premise of an RPG and is carried on throughout all of the newer RPG games. You can also make your own character an personalize it to your liking such as Different hair, face, armour and many more.
“Role playing” is the term used in RPG’s and means that the player has to take part in the world and the game in order to succeed, such as killing X amount of monsters or Collect and item for someone. These “Quests” sometimes give experience and let their character level up and gain new items.

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